Cool Trick: Your beer will be cold in two minutes

Only one thing is worse than having no beer: warm beer. That’s why we’ll tell you how your beer, wine or sparkling wine will get cold in a few minutes. You need water, ice and salt. Who does not know that: Celebrate a garden party with friends; enjoy the sun – now only a few … Continue reading “Cool Trick: Your beer will be cold in two minutes”

Only one thing is worse than having no beer: warm beer. That’s why we’ll tell you how your beer, wine or sparkling wine will get cold in a few minutes. You need water, ice and salt.

Who does not know that: Celebrate a garden party with friends; enjoy the sun – now only a few cold drinks are missing. Unfortunately, you forgot to chill the champagne and the beer – or the six-pack just bought at the gas station is way too warm. But no problem: With stubby holders, you can cool down drinks in a few minutes.

Tricks to follow

All you need is water, ice and salt. Take a large bowl or a champagne bucket, half fill the vessel with cold tap water and then add ice to it. Now take the salt and sprinkle several tablespoons of it in the ice water, then stir several times. Then put the bottles or cans in the mixture, wait a few minutes – and enjoy ice-cold beer.

How it works: The salt cools the water faster, within minutes, the temperature drops to a few degrees Celsius. Because the salt makes the ice melt faster, the necessary heat it draws the beer. Salt also lowers the freezing point of the water, a saturated saline solution freezes only at minus 21 degrees. The water can become colder than ice and cool drinks particularly strong, as temperature is transferred more easily by water than by air. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the bottles; otherwise they can burst in the ice water.

Trick when you do not have ice

Without ice, the trick does not work, so for the lake or the festival this tip is not suitable. But you do not have to do without cold beer either: take a bottle of beer, put it in a wet towel and put it in the shade for a few minutes. The water in the towel evaporates through the heat and deprives the warm beer of the energy and a moderate cooling effect occurs. Well then cheers!

By following these tips you can easily keep your beer cold in summer whether for the lake, festivals, and the picnic in the city park or at home.

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